COVID-19 Policies & Re-Opening Guidelines

Camping Policies

Reservation Policies

Cancellation Policies

Reservations made prior to September 30, 2020: Book your reservation with ease and no worries. Our No Cancellation Fee policy is only valid on reservations placed prior to September 30, 2020 for any future stays at a Sun RV Resort throughout 2020. Guests wishing to cancel without fees must call the resort at least 2 days prior to their scheduled arrival date to confirm their cancellation. Guests who fail to show for their scheduled stay without confirming their cancellation with the resort, will be charged in accordance with the resort’s standard cancellation policy. Policy is not valid on reservation for stays over 28 days. Policy expires September 30, 2020. Stays must be completed by the end of our 2020 camping season.

Reservations made October 1, 2020 forward: See below.



There are no cancellations or refunds for Campsites or Cabins for Holiday Reservations

Golf Cart Policies

Pet Policies

Water Zone and Swimming Policies

Waterslide state regulations are:

Canoe and Tube Terms:

Jumping Pillows Terms

Please call us at 540-291-2727 for more information. See you soon!


*Policies are subject to change at anytime without notice