Our Park

Experience the Fun

Whether you want to play in the water or stay dry, we give you lots of choices.

Yogi’s Cartoon Cafe

The Cartoon Café is open Easter weekend through October! Days and times may vary. Check our Cartoon cafe for specifics.

Ranger Station

Did you forget to pack your toothbrush? Do you need a small part for your camper? A candy bar for a snack? How about a sweatshirt? Visit our large, well-stocked camp store to buy what you need.

Game Room

When you have had enough fun in the sun, the weather is not cooperating with your favorite outdoor activities or you just like to play video games, check out our air conditioned game room where you will find games for all ages.

Recreation Center

This is the activity hub for the park. Here, we create crafts, play bingo, play Wii, tie dye and more. The game room ticket redemption center is also in this building. Check the activity schedule for what is happening each day.

Boo Boo’s Picnic Barn

We don’t let the rain spoil our fun because we can hold outdoor activities under this roof. Our pavilion, which also has a kitchen, is perfect for meetings, activities and meals if you are hosting a group.

Modern Bathhouses

Our bathhouses, located at either end of the park, have the all of the necessities for you and your family.

Laundry Center

Because clothes get dirty even while on vacation with you, we provide a full laundry center for quick and convenient clothes cleaning.

Please call us at 540-291-2727 for more information. See you soon!