River Trips & Rentals

Canoe and Tube Rates

From May through September, weather permitting, you can rent a tube or canoe at Jellystone Park™ for a relaxing day on the James River. Schedule your trip with us when you check in. The earliest trip out each day is 10am; the last trip is at 4pm. (Not available to Non-Campers until 5/28/2020. After 5/28/2020 Public River Trips are only Sunday Thru Thursday 10am to 4pm) Call ahead for availability.

Our shuttle will take you to the drop off point and you will float back down to the ending point where the James River meets the campground. Canoes travel 8 river miles back to the campground.

Tubes have a 4 mile float. Plan to spend about 4 hours on the river. You can add an additional tube for a cooler so you can stop at your leisure and have lunch and refreshments alongside your float


Canoe and Tube Rentals DistanceRental Fee (Includes transportation*)
1 Tube 4 Miles (4 hours) $20/tube + tax
Groups of 104 Miles (4 hours) $18/tube+ tax
Groups of 20 or more4 Miles (4 hours) $15/tube+ tax
Canoe8 Miles (4 hours) $65 + tax
Kayak 8 Miles (4 hours)$35 + tax
Transportation of personal Kayak 8 Miles (4 hours)$25 + tax
Transportation of personal Canoe8 Miles (4 hours)$50 + tax

We cannot accept personal tubes / *Gas surcharge may apply


Please call us at 540-291-2727 for more information. See you soon!


For the safety of our guests all river trips will be restricted by current river conditions.