Actor Application Form

Jellystone Park’s Terror on Jellystone Mountain is looking for ambitious and devoted actors.

Whether you are an experienced actor or always have had a great time doing skits, working at a haunted trail is the best job ever. Our staff has a great time and the creativity is endless.
We pay an hourly wage, so if you want a little extra money or just the thrill of acting, it is a win-win situation. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR UPDATES!!! Feel free to have friends apply with you, it is always more fun when you know someone else working!

Thanks for your interest in Jellystone Park’s Terror on Jellystone Mountain. Happy Hauntings!

Application Form

  • Please list all Acting / Fine Arts experience, including a list of schools attended (name + address), # of years completed, and any major/degree related to the fine arts.
  • Please list two references other than relatives or friends (current members of the Screamin Acres Team help!)
  • (if so you may be encouraged to wear colored contacts)
  • Please summarize any additional information necessary to describe your qualifications for the specific position you are applying for.