Seasonal Campsites

Stay and Play All Season Long!

Set up your site just the way you like it and skip hauling for the rest of the year! Enjoy a campsite including all of the amenities at no extra charge!

2020 Seasonal Rate is $3,550.00 + Metered Electric from March 15th thru November 15th, 2020. On-Site winter storage is included with the signing of the following years site renewal.

To inquire, complete the form below indicating your interest in a 2020 seasonal campsite.

Seasonal CampSites

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Seasonal FAQs

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What is the length of the season?

The season is considered March 30 to November 15 annually.

Does the seasonal rate cover everything or are there other costs?

The seasonal rate covers the immediate family’s site use and amenities (wristbands).
Water and sewer are included in the price. Seasonal campers pay for their own propane and electricity. Each site will have its own electric meter and electricity usage and will be billed monthly. There will be a WiFi connection in the area.

Can extended family or friends use a seasonal camper’s site if the seasonal camper is not there?

The contract is a single family lease (2 adults and minor dependent children) for the family members listed on the agreement. Guests may visit by paying the current guest fee which includes use of the park’s amenities.

Will the sites be paved?

No, they will be gravel like our other sites.

What types of units and decks can be put on the site?

Our goal is to maintain a consistently attractive seasonal site area while providing the flexibility to set up a site that makes guests feel at home. Please review our Statement of Additional Information (coming soon) for the specifications.

Will the trailers need to be removed at the end of the season?

With a signed contract and deposit for the following year, seasonal guests may leave their trailers on-site for the winter.


Please call us at 540-291-2727 for more information. See you soon!